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current photography

"Pairs" - 2015

This series, entitled "Pairs," seeks to create a narrative celebrating the potentially limitless power that each of us has to transform ourselves as well as the world around us. Each pair is composed of a self-portrait taken through the glass wall of a shower and an in-camera double exposure of my surroundings.

The physical and environmental elements in each self portrait are largely consistent, yet each image captures a distinct moment with a unique story. In this way, these photos emphasize the dualism of human existence, accentuating the separation between mind and body. The body is physically unchanged, but the mind clearly exerts a significant influence over each image.

While the self-portraits celebrate our ability to define ourselves, the double exposures highlight our ability to choose what our environment means to us, and to transform that meaning as we each see fit. I see the world as full of endless possibilities, and I attempt to convey this wonder through these double exposures.

about me

My work is a personal account of scenes and moments found in the world around me. As I create images, I often transform this world into something that has not yet been seen. While my process requires an investigation of reality, the final product often abandons the “real.”

This is most apparent in my double exposures, which are all created in-camera. Although the process is informed, the final product cannot be known before the layers of the image are merged. Each specific end result has never existed until it is captured, and my image forces it to exist.

While my images may deconstruct the world as we generally perceive it, reality still pervades the essence of each image. I hope that these photographs lead the viewer to consider the division between perception and reality, highlighting the blur and uncertainty in between. Rather than presenting the given, I attempt to offer the possible.